Beyond Four Walls

Beyond Four Walls is the Albury/Wodonga region’s new kid on the block. The outdoor-therapy business is run by social worker Kurt who found that providing sessions outdoors, creates a safe environment for clients to move forward.

Beyond Four Walls predominantly seeks to support young males and allows clients to choose the location of their session with the aim to provide comfort through natural surroundings.

Kurt engaged the work of Jessica Elise as a consultant and creative designer for the business’s new branding. Jess established a brand identity (including accompanying imagery, logo, collateral and web design) that would appeal to the diverse Beyond Four Walls audience; and one that was informative, without overwhelming potential clients.

The retro meets modern use of colours and graphics, showcases the business’s fun and relatable personality in a calming manner. With various brand collateral and a digital platform established, Kurt can offer a wide audience greater accessibility to the brand.

Cath Norris

Wodonga’s Cath Norris is an accredited mental health social worker who provides support to individuals so that they can overcome barriers that prevent them from living their best life.

Jess was contacted by Cath who requested they work together to create a branding suite for Cath’s new Counselling and Consulting business. This involved developing a colour palette that represented Cath herself but also offered gentle hues to reflect the nature and compassion of the business. To maintain consistency this palette was incorporated across all touchpoints of the business branding, along with the logotype – a stand out feature of the brand.

Overall the print collateral and website that Jess developed were visually aligned and presented a simplistic and softly coloured portfolio to promote an inviting platform for Cath’s community.