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Making your home office work for you

Is it just me or is anyone else guilty of a cheeky Pinterest scroll during WFHH (working-from-home hours)? My current go-to is indulging in the #officeinspo trends which seem to be overtaking my feed. From plants to prints, and savvy storage set-ups – there are so many dreamy ideas out there for a stylish and easy office makeover. And I am SO ready to jump on board the bandwagon.

For my working-from-home and remote-based friends and fellow business-people, a little office redo can be a great way to help stimulate and motivate you in the long run. Remember that by setting the scene you are also setting yourself up for success!

While working from home can for some people seem like a drag (particularly amidst the covid chaos), and for most others it takes a certain level of drive to maintain motivation and a positive, productive headspace – I must admit that there is definitely an upside. I would be kidding if I said I didn’t enjoy working from the comfort of home. You have to love a space where blocks of chocolate and cups of tea are readily available, 90’s playlists and terrible singing aren’t frowned upon, and slippers are forever encouraged… (all day every day am I right?)

But, I won’t deny that with the good things come challenges, and there are times when things do get a little tricky WFH. So let’s talk about how to flourish in your home office and triumph those cabin fever blues that often come creeping in!

  1. It’s all in the routine
    Routine routine routine! Get that diary filled in at the start of the week to give yourself a clear idea of your pre-work schedule and structure/goals for each day. You will be much more inclined to get out of bed when the alarm rings if you have a few morning items to tick off the list before the workday starts. Allow time for a nourishing brekky, that cup of coffee, your morning walk or yoga flow – we all know these things can be vital for a healthy work/personal life balance. Don’t forget to keep your eye on the clock and make sure you are at your desk ready to start the working day according to your schedule.
  2. The snooze button is not your friend!
    We’ve all had our experiences with the snooze button… But during the working week, it just isn’t the friend for you. Don’t get me wrong, there can be days when we need our rest, or when the strains to our mental and physical health require us to take a break – and it is perfectly okay to do this. When you’re running by the schedule though, it’s important you meet the expectations you have set for yourself and show up for the day! You wouldn’t bail on meeting a friend or client, would you? So don’t let yourself down either.
  3. Signing off for the day
    Use the end of the workday to set your to-do list for tomorrow! While ideas and inspiration are still fresh in your head, it’s a perfect time to prepare for the following working day. I can assure you that tomorrow’s version of you will be stoked to get started!

    Remember to sign off for the day according to the clock and don’t let work overlap with your personal time. It’s important that you allow yourself some down time and this can be made easier by planning a relaxing or fun leisurely activity which will encourage you out of the office. Finish that book you’ve been reading, jump on the treadmill or get in the kitchen and prepare something yummy for tonight’s dessert!
  4. Designate your space!
    The number 1 rule of WFH is to designate an area for your office space and keep it that way. A physical separation of work and personal space is so valuable to how you operate in both settings. There is no way you want to be slipping into your workspace (and headspace) when you should be enjoying some down time. So, whether it be an entire room or the corner of one – you owe yourself a professional space where you can kick those goals!
  5. Give your office a refresh
    Like I said, hitting refresh on your home-office setup can be an easy way to set the mood and to provide a setting which separates itself from your personal space in the house. A lick of light paint, re-arrangement of furniture, or a motivational print on the wall might be all that is needed to aid in your work performance and give you that little kick in the right direction. (Or go right ahead and treat your office to an entire makeover!)