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The ‘How-To’ for a eco-friendly workspace

For anyone who knows me, you would be well aware that I am super passionate about working sustainably in my studio! I am also proudly operating in a 100% carbon neutral workspace with help from the wonderful people at Trace (do yourself a favour and check them out here!).

I am always eager to chat with the lovely people around me about reducing our environmental impact in the office. Considering that you guys (my friends and followers) have shown up today to explore this topic further, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to break down the many quick, easy (and often overlooked) ways to encourage an eco-friendly workplace! Let’s go!

Reuse reuse reuse!

This step is an easy one. Replace single-use coffee cups, plates, and cutlery with crockery or reusable items. For those of you keen to support the environmentally savvy creatives out there, why not go that step further and shop cutlery sets, coffee keep-cups, and more goods made from recyclable materials!

*Grab this eco-friendly cutlery box set when you are on the go (yes, it’s dishwasher friendly – what a dream!) Made from sustainably harvested wheat fibre and ticking all the boxes!

Don’t forget to ditch the plastic water bottle (well figuratively speaking) and sub it out for a reusable one! We are so lucky to live in a country where clean drinking water is so accessible.

Reduce waste & Recycle!

Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. Setting up a recycling system in your office space and work kitchen can be as simple as separating your waste into recycling, compost and rubbish.  Share the load and rotate the responsibilities with your office mates!

Not sure about composting? Surprisingly this solution to food waste, increased landfill and increased greenhouse gases can be super rewarding for everyone. Planet Earth Cleaning has a few handy hints right here.

For all my caffeine-loving friends, did you know your coffee pods can be collected for recycling too? Life Hacker has a few ideas on how you can responsibly dispose of them here.

OR if you are keen to change it up it might be time to skip the pods and purchase Fairtrade?

Fair-trade organisations like the Australian label Republica prioritise the use of organic resources and favour environmentally sustainable farming methods to preserve valuable ecosystems. Say no more! On top of this, they also promote the ethical treatment of labourers who are delivering our AM coffee fix.

Rethink staff travel!

Has your office considered the environmental impact of travel and commuting? (I.e., driving, burning fuel, carbon emissions – you know the drill!)

Reduce your travel hours and replace them with a trip on the train, taking the bike to work (hello new wheels), or some good old-fashioned carpooling! (You might find you’ll save a few dollars along the way too.)

With so many post-covid changes now the new norm, WFH has also become an option for more and more workplaces. If you have a choice? Take a day or two out of your week to work from home and keep things eco-friendly!

Reduce your carbon footprint by participating in virtual meetings (or “environmentally responsible meetings”) and while you are at it – save time, reduce costs involved and increase your productivity in the office! Hell yeh to ticking off that list!