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If you don’t have any brand imagery, this is your sign.

In this clever and high-tech age that we live, it really feels as if we are operating at a peak of digital communication. We are well aware that the digital age will only continue to evolve, but who could have predicted a global pandemic, which would lead to greater digital and online interactions at this time?

Now we have zoom meetings at the forefront of office interactions, and businesses are having to develop their brand identity with a greater focus on digital interactions. With this has come an increase in website optimisation, online blog content, eNewsletters, email campaigns and digital advertising. And finally, there is a need to boost social media marketing. All of which offer an opportunity to craft clever digital content. (And here comes your lesson for the day) “Always remember that content should not just be copy”. Words and images are most effective when they work together, and so this is where brand imagery makes its mark.

While we often talk about branding and brand identity, “Brand imagery” specifically is a visual tool used to tell the story of your business. It may be described as the aesthetic appearance of the brand’s core message and has the potential to strengthen your connection with your target audience. Your brand imagery may include (but is never limited to) video, photography, illustration, graphics, colour, icons, symbols and charts.

Brand imagery has always played its part in marketing and advertising, and with the recent rise in digital and online marketing, it plays a significantly greater role in business branding. Our digital world is highly image-driven these days, particularly for those maximising that scroll action on their social media feed (guilty)! So, what does this mean for your business?

It’s time to consider your use of imagery for your business branding. Let’s stop and reassess! Ask yourself…

What imagery do you use to represent your brand?

  • Are you offering customers a visual connection to your brand?
  • Within your print and digital marketing strategy?
  • As a key feature within your brand collateral?

Does your imagery allow you to connect with your audience, followers and community?

  • Is it relevant, appropriate and engaging?
  • Does it highlight your brand’s personality?
  • Is it important and inspiring to your target audience?
  • It is consistent with your branding to build trust with your audience?

Does your imagery communicate your values to your customers?

  • Can they gain insight into your brand message and culture through this imagery?
  • Does your imagery align with your values?

Does your imagery show off your brand’s style?

  • Is it consistent with your overall branding, logo and colour scheme?
  • Is it a clear identifier of your business?
  • Does the style of imagery align with your brand’s purpose?
  • Does your style stand out from your competitors?

Does your brand imagery, translate across digital platforms?

  • Is it designed for digital media?
  • Are you maximising the use of imagery across your digital platforms?

If this thought-provoking chat has highlighted holes in your strategy or left you wondering, then perhaps it is time to reconsider your business brand imagery with the use of the above prompts! OR why not allow me to help you?

I am all about building relationships with new clients and working together to create high quality and individually tailored branding for their businesses. And if this means fine-tuning your brand imagery strategy then let’s make it happen!

*Shoot me a message or fill in the enquiry form on my website and I will be so happy to get in touch with you!