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How to give your audience value via your marketing channels

Heard of the saying Communication is key? Well slip that one into your pocket for later because for our team at Orbit, we consider this mantra one to live by!

Being in the creative industry, all Orbit projects are strongly driven by communication and the value it can bring to brand audiences… But while we are living and breathing this on the daily, we appreciate that it can be difficult for other business owners to know how to nurture their own relations with an audience.

So, here’s a shout out to the head honchos, team leaders and communication queens. Today we’re suggesting that you provide value to customers, followers, and audience members through your communications and marketing strategies… (trust us) …!

1. But FIRST. Know your audience!

Start with an understanding of your audience’s persona. Ask yourself – how old is your audience? What are their likes and dislikes? Do they have kids? How good are they at throwing shapes on a d-floor? (It’s all important, right!)

Define your audience down to the colour of their shoes, and that’s what we like to call great knowledge of the consumer.

2. Personalise your communication methods

Using this knowledge, it’s time to find your brand’s voice. Reach out to your audience in a way that will make your customers feel seen and heard.

Let’s make these conversations personal and relatable (none of this repetitive robot chat). You might want to treat your interactions like you are having a conversation IRL. Who do you think your audience would want to speak to?

TIP: Adapt your voice and explore creative wording to engage appropriately with your customers.

3. Communicate and interact with your audience through a variety of touchpoints

(Otherwise known as customer engagement).

Mixed media marketing is most definitely something we covered at university and I’m now glad to say I totally get it.

Just don’t confuse “the more the merrier” and using multiple platforms, because the goal is not how many touchpoints you can use to reach your audience, but about which ones will provide the most value.

Hunt down the channels where your customers are consuming content, receiving communication, or seeing advertisements. Your business might be across social media, email marketing, and the world wide web, and so long as these touchpoints best match your audience, then you’ll have great success at connecting with a wider community.

4. Diversify your content based on the needs of your audience

Listen to your audience. What do they want to know about your brand? Do they want to be educated, empowered, entertained, or all the above?

Lesson 1: Avoid tunnel vision!

It’s easy to repeat the same message or deliver the same content over and over. Especially when your customers have been previously responsive. But what will make this content even richer is to throw something else into the mix.

For example, when we implement a social strategy with our clients at Orbit, we establish four focus areas that are valuable to the brand and its mission, and which will also bring value to the audience.

We want to keep things interesting for the social community and meet the various curiosities of our followers. So, we make sure to create content that centres around each of these topics for full effect.

Lesson 2: For example – What does empowering content look like compared to educational?

You’re a local gym. You want to provide your community with information on why it is so important to stretch after a heavy “sesh”. While this might be the perfect educational content for newcomers, what about empowering your regulars? You might want to inspire your followers to push themselves a little harder or encourage them to feel comfortable in their own skin? And how about entertaining your audience? Why not share a fun, upbeat reel to get your members excited about the latest addition – an all-female class?

See how your messages might vary? Now balance these three focus areas and consider how they can provide greater value as a unit – by engaging a range of customers.

5. Quality over quantity

Don’t go overboard. Your communications will hold greater value if you keep from bombarding your audience. (Try and maintain a balance between too little and too much).

Remember that one quality message is going to be so much more effective than multiple meaningless communications.

TIP: Maintain consistency, regularity, and keep things to a schedule to build credibility, reputation, and brand trust.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, make your messages stick. The beauty of communication is, we can provide meaning, prompt feelings, and foster positive relationships simply through our mediums and messages. So, let’s embrace our position of creative persuasion and make every square on that aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed count!

Have we sparked your interest in communication for your brand? Well, the Orbit doors are always open. If you’re looking for further guidance, then let’s have a chat!

Reach out to Jess right here: jess@orbitstudio.com.au

OR explore our other services which are floating around this divine website of ours. (We made that too).