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Where my analytical persona meets my innovative mind, design is there providing the perfect balance. Consider any creative project and you’ll find that these are the essential ingredients.

Jess Bolch

founder & designer

Hi there! I’m Jess, a designer based in Albury, NSW.

With a background in entrepreneurship, design, adult learning, and innovation, I’ve created my perfect design studio by mixing the above together. A place where I can collaborate with business owners, big dreamers, and founders daily; where I get to engine their ideas, express their point of view, engage their audience, and help them make their mark.

You know what they say – do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

For almost ten years, I’ve worked in the photography/web/graphic design space, of which the last few have involved building my dream business and expanding my team. This brings us to now. I am so proud to share Orbit – a one-stop creative shop where everything is possible.

Branding. Graphic Design. Web Design. Brand Photography. Digital Marketing. Social Media Management. (It might not come as much of a shock that my preferred passions also happen to make up my services list).

Through Orbit Studio, I am thrilled to be able to dedicate time to fulfilling my creative passions, while supporting amazing clients. Thank you to these incredible business bosses for being here for the journey and I can’t wait to welcome new faces and working relationships to the Orbit family.

our mission

Orbit Studio is a conscious design studio providing holistic, deliberate design solutions for businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs that dream big and seek real-world outcomes.


Our vision revolves around yours. We make sure that your authentic story is expressed and delivered in every single interaction with your brand or business.


We help you reach your community and create a customer base through branding, printed collateral, digital assets, website design, packaging and digital communication.

Tools we love

Who knew we could make best friends with our business tools!

As a creative and owner of Orbit Studio I’ve realised the benefits of maximising my digital platform use and now (while my open tabs are never-ending), I don’t know where I’d be without my reliable mates Dubsado, Asana and Creative Market amongst a bundle of others.

Not a creator? Have no fear – there are sites like this for every business niche and they aren’t a secret – so if you’re building your own business then do yourself a favour and have a go at making these platforms work for you!

A world of free photos and mockups especially for creatives

Offering ready-to-use products for designers, including fonts, templates, photos, and graphics!

For on-brand and sustainable product packaging. Have you considered going green?

An all-in-one tool for businesses, where you can schedule appointments, create automated workflows, manage your client projects, maintain communication with clients, and track your payments with invoice creation (amongst other features).

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Are you a fellow creative?

We are a collaborative studio that is always open to connecting and collaborating with more creatives!

If you’re interested in working with us, send your portfolio & CV to jess@orbitstudio.com.au

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