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Sam Delves

Project Scope


Offering quality tree care, Contract Climbing Arborist Sam Delves is driven by his passion for the physical side of a niche industry and taking genuine responsibility for the trees.

Servicing Victoria and beyond, Sam Delves Tree Service provides competent and safe arboriculture skills, alongside up to date knowledge and equipment to complete any job with confidence. Clients can expect pruning, hedging and contract climbing amongst other services from founder Sam, who is recognised for his thorough, efficient, and reliable reputation.

When Sam reached out to Jessica Elise seeking her Branding assistance, he was clear in his intentions for the businesses vision. Sam requested a soft, minimalist look for the design as he suggested this would indicate a “strong” brand. Other specifics included a friendly design which would also be easy to read.  

Factoring in the friendly and humble nature of Sam’s business and design vision, Jess utilised a soft, muted sage tone amongst a green palette (a relevant colour choice for the tree care industry). To meet Sam’s requests a minimal style wording was used ensuring readability for clients, while a bold business name and logo were developed to express the strong ideology that Sam envisioned for the business.

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