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RISE Pilates

Project Scope


Newly founded Reformer Pilates Studio RISE has opened to the excitement of movers of all skill levels, and owner Louise Humphries.

After self-practicing Pilates for three years, Louise decided she wanted to inspire others to do the same before founding the inclusive space located in regional town Mount Gambier. With a long list of qualifications under her belt, Louise built her business on the vision of providing individuals of all abilities with the opportunity for joyful, mindful movement.

Jessica’s design and copywriting services were engaged to encapsulate the compassionate and nurturing ethos behind RISE, an empowering business which inspires connection in a calm space. This included brand development for the business, as well as web design and copywriting to create a digital presence. Jess used colour to generate a calm and warming energy by incorporating a palette of warm, muted tones. This was favoured alongside simplistic text and minimal wording to channel the poetic and spiritual nature of the brand, while the brand’s logo directly showcases Louise’s mantra for RISE – Move. Heal. Breathe – and is consistent across various touchpoints.

Just days after the success of the business launch, Louise was eager to reconnect with Jess to begin developing a social media presence and content creation for the brand. Social Media Management is an ongoing service of Orbit that Louise has now employed.

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