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Grounded Counselling & Play Therapy

Project Scope


Wodonga Counsellor Kellie-Anne Cuper knows that everyone’s experiences are unique, and this is reflected in her treatment at Grounded Counselling.

With over 12 years in the field providing therapeutic counselling to adults, adolescents and children, Kellie’s compassionate nature and passion around mental health and wellbeing has ensured her clients feel validated, heard, safe, respected and supported. And this is the ethos upon which she has built her business.

Grounded Counselling and Play Therapy aims to connect with people while they find their authentic self and uses unique evidence-based theory to work towards trauma recovery. At the core of Kellie’s Children’s counselling service are her tools and knowledge in EDMR and SPT therapy specifically.

The term ‘Grounded’ played a key role in establishing the vision for the business’ branding, with its definition (of connection to self, authenticity, being present and having self-awareness) strongly influencing the design. Going along with this theme, Kellie requested that the brand should appear calm, relaxing, and safe for engaging clients. Accented in the logo and following through in the overall design, Jess utilised shades of soft green, and referred to plants and nature themes, to surround the business with a sense of calmness.

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