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Project Scope


Karen Dickson, talented creator, and director of the holistic, well-being focused business Ayus Life, is a corporate escapee who now dedicates her professional practice to a lifetime passion for natural medicine and being well.

At its core, Ayus Life aims to help clients consciously align with the things that truly matter in life. Through unique and tailored experiences individuals are supported in cultivating personal and professional well-being.

You’ll find Karen at the centre of the business, engaging with clients every day (either virtually or in one of the Ayus physical spaces) where she seamlessly merges science with practical applications, traditional medicine, and ancient healing wisdom with contemporary solutions. Here a curated selection of learning experiences include immersions, workshops, and consultations are offered to help heart-centred people embody leadership, live a conscious life, and make a difference in the world.

With a rebrand for her business in mind, Karen came to Jessica Elise hoping to bring her vision to life. Jess established that the new brand design needed to be timeless, simple, and clean while offering depth, connection with individuals, and a memorable appearance, to reflect the beautiful personality of Karen herself.

Jessica was also engaged to complete a website landing page for Ayus Life and since branding is generally expected to spill over into the rest of the business, additional portfolio work was completed. Amongst other things, this included a style guide, journal design, eBook design, word template, eNewsletter template and stamp design.

Karen and Jess both fell in love with the forest green colour, symbolic use of patterns and curve lettering as distinguishable design traits for the Ayus Life rebrand.

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