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Alanna Maree Nutrition

Project Scope


With a Bachelor of Nutrition, Cert 4 in fitness and background in coaching, Alanna founded her business Alanna Maree Nutrition to apply her expertise and experience to supporting other individuals.

Alanna’s passion for nutrition is shared with her clients to help foster healthy relationships between food and the body; with the business targeting individuals who want to create positive, sustainable change in their lives.

When Alanna came to Jessica Elise with the request to shine a light on her service within the local community, the businesses ethos of honesty, empathy and nurture was enough to grab Jessica’s attention. Together Jess and Alanna developed a branding foundation based on these principles and the humble nature of the business is clear in the soft, yet warming palette used.

With a core orange tone and clean, fun typography Jessica has projected a vision for the business which reflects Alanna’s ability to convert her clients to feeling confident, comfortable, happy, and healthy in their skin. You can expect no less than great knowledge and professionalism from Alanna Maree Nutrition.

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